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Everything should be available for free online these days. When we needed to do an eye test some time ago, we realised that taking an eye test is time consuming; book time at the optician, it's definitely not free and does not exist online. To simplify our own life we've created a network of websites where you can do an eye test online. Quick, free and easy.

Remember that this online test, is created together with an optician, but a free eye test online can never replace a visit to your offline optician. If this free test tells you, or if you have a headache often, or have a hard time to focus, then visit your local optician as soon as possible.

Do you wish to help us translate, please contact us on info@eyetestnow.com

News from our Eye Test Network

2013-01-13 - Do you speak Russian?

Our friend Aleksandr has just finished the translation of our site to Russian. So if you speak Russian, you should rather take this free eyeexam in Russian instead.

Do you miss another language? Get in contact with us if you’d like to help u sto translate the test to your local language.

2012-03-30 - Measure the correct distance

To make our fee eye exam more accurate, we've published a simple online test that let you measure how far you should be from your screen when you take the vision test.

ps. This is the only time you'll need to use a credit card in our free eye exam ds.

Measure the distance now

2011-06-18 - Free Eye Chart Creator

Do you have a hard time to see what the bottom line says on the eye chart? EyeTestNow.com have solved that problem for you. Use our free eye chart creator to let the bottom line say whatever you want. Download the free eye chart as an image or send the generated URL to a friend.

Create your eye chart now!

2011-03-02 - New system for our eye test websites

The back-end system have now been changed for EyeTestNow.com as well as EyeExamOnline.com. The new framework will allow us to quickly add new functionality, translate the service to new languages and write more articles with the help of our doctor of optometry.

2010-09-14 - EyeTestNow now in Japanese

A new member of the EyeTestNow family has been born. You can read about and see the results here. That's if you know japanese..