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About EyeTestNow.com

The eye test, available on www.eyeexamonline.com and www.synundersokning.nuis a 10 step eye exam, created by an optician in London, UK. The test is based on some images viewed with one eye at the time. The result from these images, together with some questions gives us enough information to say how urgent a real eye exam is. It's important to remember that this eye test is not scientifically created, and will never give you a 100% accurate answer. Too many factors affect a successful eye exam, screen size, scren resolution, colour depth etc. What this test will give, is a clear answer to if a real eye exam is urgent. Remember to always do a real eye exam, at least every second year. Your eyesight will change with age, so remember to test your vision in time, to help your eyes relax and prolong a good eyesight.

We who work with eyetestnow.com is a group of friends ( Sarah, Zandra, James and Marcus), that like internet in general, writing and the curious functions of once vision. We will do our best to support you eiher if you contact us on info@eyetestnow.com, Skype, Twitter or Facebook using the links above

Published: 2009-05-30 | Last updated: 2009-05-30