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Create your own eye chart for free

On Eye Exam Online we let you download and print a free eye chart in true Hermann Snellen style. When Hermann Snellen designed the eye chart back in 1862, we're sure he didn't thought of letting the users create their own free eye chart. But thankfully we did. This free eye chart creator will generate an image for you, that you can download, print or email to a friend.

How to create the eye chart?

Simply type in the text (in the input box above the image) that you would like to include in the eye chart, and let the magic happen. The eye chart will automatically update and generate your free eye chart.

To send this to a friend, simply copy the URL highlighted below and send it by email, Facebook or chat. You can also use one of the share buttons in the top left corner, Your friend will see the eye chart as you've printed it. If you would like to save the eye chart, just right click on the image and chose Save as. Remember to save this as a PNG image, just replace the suggested .php file ending with .png. Name the image something like free_eye_chart.png

Published: 2011-06-18 | Last updated: 2011-06-18